www.Tell-Chilis.com – Chili’s Guest Survey

by Robert on November 28, 2011

Www.tell-chilis.com is the website for people to participate in the Chili’s Guest Survey on the web.

The survey incentive is a free entry to the Empathica customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes. The winner of this Empathica survey sweepstakes may get $1000 in cash. Because Empathica operates this web site, you will be redirected to their webpage when visiting this site.

Chili’s is a chain of casual dining restaurants specializing in Mexican style food. The guest experience survey is designed to gather feed-back from the consumers of Chili’s restaurants. The data from this research will be put to use to upgrade the Chili’s restaurants’ food and services. Recent visitors to Chili’s restaurants may be eligible to participate in this customer feedback survey. This means that if you have not visited any of their restaurants lately, you should not take this survey. But you may still be able to enter the cash survey sweepstakes. To learn other ways to enter the contest, please see the contest rules on the site for details. There are several other eligibility requirements for this contest as well. For instance, only US legal residents 18 years or older are allowed to participate in part in the drawings. To see if you are eligible to take part in part in the study, go to tell-chilis.com for the complete rules and regulations.

There are only several things required to take part in the market research. You must have your receipt and the survey invitation which was given to you along with your receipt when you paid your bill at the restaurant.

How to take part in the Chilis Guest Experience Survey?
1. Go online and open your web browser, go to the Chilis survey website at http://www.tell-chilis.com as shown on the invitation.
2. Pick the language you prefer first: English or Spanish.
3. Type in 5 pieces of required information, including the time of your restaurant visit, your check number, your survey code, the amount of your total order and your server’s name. The last information is optional. All these information can be easily found on your receipt, if your follow the instructions shown on the page.
4. After entering the survey, please carefully complete the feedback questions in the study. This short Chili’s customer survey will not take you too much time.
5. Finally, you need to fill in your contact information such as your name, address, email and telephone so that you can be contacted if you win the cash prize.
Participate in the Chilis survey at http://www.tell-chilis.com, and voice your opinion. Help improve the foods and services of Chili’s restaurant, and get a chance to win $1000 in cash.


Brfs-feedback.bananarepublic.com is a web-page for consumers to take the Banana Republic Factory Store feedback survey on the web. Unlike other customer surveys, it is hosted on the company’s website. This survey is developed to collect feedback from the clients of Banana Republic Factory Stores, but not their regular stores. The company will utilize the data of the survey to upgrade its products and services provided at their stores. You may have been invited to take part in this opinion survey if you have just recently been to a Banana Republic Factory Store. You have to check your receipt to see whether you have the invitation. Please be aware that there is an expiration time for the invitation, and you have to participate in this market research study within a certain number of hours (as indicated on your receipt) after your purchase. This survey is not long, and it will take you about 10 min to finish it. To thank you for your participation, they will give you a free Banana Republic printable coupon as a compensation, which is good for a 15% off discount on your future purchases made at their Factory Stores. To find out about the printable coupon offer, go to brfs-feedback.bananarepublic.com .

You need only a couple of things to take part in part in this online survey : a laptop or computer connected to the web and with web browsing capability, internet access and the receipt from your most recent BR Factory Store visit.

How to take part in the BR factory store survey?
1. Please follow the directions on your receipt and visit http://brfs-feedback.bananarepublic.com. You can take this survey in English.
2. Enter the transaction number and store ID on your receipt on the page. In case you don’t know where to find this information, they show a sample receipt on the site with the transaction number and store ID circled in red color. You also need to select your country, receipt year, month and day.
3. Completely finish the rest of the survey. This should take you less than 10 min. It is a short survey and you don’t need to worry whether you gave the right or wrong answer. What you need to do is just to tell them what your experience is.
4. Finally, you need to fill in your contact information, particularly your email address, because they will use your email to send the 15% off printable Banana Republic coupon to you and then you can follow the link in your email to print out the coupon. The printable coupon can only be used once at any of their factory stores.
So by taking part in their online customer survey, you help Banana Republic improve their products and/or services at their factory stores. And you will get a chance to get a free printable coupon to save money on your next shopping trip.


Www.placesurvey.com is a website for people to do the The Children’s Place customer satisfaction survey via the internet.

Do you have kids? Where do you buy clothes for your kids? The Children’s Place is a major children’s apparel retailer in the US. It is owned by a publicly-traded company headquartered in the state of New Jersey, US. The company operates more than 900 The Children’s Place stores all over the country. Like many other kids’ fashion retailers, they also sell online at childrensplace.com. At the Children’s Place brick and mortar or online stores, consumers can buy clothes, shoes, and accessories for kids under 14 years old. Based on the children’s age, their products are divided into 5 major categories including: Girl, Boy, Baby Boy, Baby Girl and Newborn. And in each major category, there are several sub-categories such as Outfits, Sweaters, School Uniforms, Bottoms and the like. The large number of choices ensure that shoppers will find what their children need at their stores.

To get more satisfied customers, The Children’s Place uses the customer feedback management services provided by Empathica Inc. They present this online survey to their customers to collect their opinions and feedback on their shopping experiences. And similar to other online studies hosted by Empathica Inc., this survey is also offering free sweepstakes entries as the reward. Besides the chance to win $1000 cash for free, people who have completed all the questions can also play a small game to win an iPod Nano instantly.

How to participate in the The Children’s Place customer survey online?
1. As shown on your sales receipt, visit http://www.placesurvey.com. The best way to get there is to directly key in the url into your web browser or use the following provided link.
2. The customer study is accessible in multiple languages including English, French and Spanish. It is a convenient feature because not all the customers of The Children’s Place stores can read or write in English. So before starting the survey, select the language you like using the provided links.
3. After choosing your preferred language, you have to key in the date and time that you visited their store, your transaction number and the total amount of your purchase. All the information is on your receipt so you should have your sales receipt ready when visit the survey site. You may refer to the sample receipt shown on the site to see where to locate the required information. If you cannot access the feedback survey, please check the “system requirements” and “help” sections for solutions.
4. Answer the survey questions that are presented to you. They are very easy to answer. You should be finished in around 5 – 10 minutes.
5. At the end of the study, you will need to provide some contact information such as your name and email because they are required to enter the daily cash survey sweepstakes. To learn the detailed rules and regulations of the $1000 cash sweepstakes, please visit placesurvey.com where you can also check for previous winners of the same contest.

A similar customer satisfactions survey for Moms and Dads at www.pleasemum.com/retail-survey

Website: www.placesurvey.com