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by Robert on June 21, 2011

Www.medallia.com is the official website of Medallia Inc, a company which provides customer experience management software.

Specifically, the company specializes in providing customer survey and feedback solutions, and its clients include some Fortune 500 firms such as eBay, Four Seasons Hotels, Sephora, and Honeywell. More than 50000 businesses in more than 100 countries have used this company’s products.

The company provides software that collects customer feedback and surveys from a variety of communications channels, including the internet, mobile phone, SMS, IVR and mail. The software is provided as a SaaS, with the software itself hosted on the company’s servers and constantly kept up to date, therefore software maintenance is not required. The data can be visualized in real time, and can be presented in a variety of ways, including as graphs and pie charts. Alerts can also be configured which can be triggered by any kind of adverse data, such as a spike in customer complaints or dissatisfaction. With this feature, management will be quickly alerted to areas of customer service which require additional attention. The survey software also includes analytics capabilities which can be used to slice and dice the data in a variety of ways. Finally, the data can also be exported to other software via standard file types and protocols, allowing specialized or proprietary in-house analysis to be performed on the collected customer feedback.

To learn more about products and services provided by Medallia Inc, you can visit their website.


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